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The plan for this website

In collaboration with the authors of www.bahaichoralmusic.com, we are planning to create an interactive website that does much more than just provide free Bahá'í choral music. Features to include:

1. Information, announcements and news about Bahá'í Choirs around the globe.

2. A database and repository of Bahá'í Choral music, including the free music on www.bahaichoralmusic.com as well as an easy system of obtaining licenses from the copyright holders of non-free Bahá’í choral music.

3. A collaborative space to create practice files in MP3 format to help amateur singers learn the songs.

We require a web developer to develop this website. A budget is available. This Website Plan for bahaichoir.com (PDF) sets out the features we envisage in great detail. It also explains how copyright issues and licensing will be taken care of. Any comments are appreciated, please get in touch.
develop ers [at] bahai choir . com (remove the spaces)

Free subdomain

We are offering your Bahá'í Choir the possibility to host your website, or just a page with contact details, on our server, with a .bahaichoir.com subdomain. For example, if your choir is called the Mytown Bahá'í Choir, then your website would be www.mytown.bahaichoir.com. E-mail addresses are also available, just contact us.

Planning to set up a Community Choir?

A very useful document is hosted here temporarily with permission from Ludwig Tuman.

Author Kathryn Tahiri is a composer, choral and orchestral conductor, and educator. Co-author Ludwig Tuman is a composer, pianist and choral director. Both have had years of experience in creating and building choirs.

They have collaborated in writing this simple, direct and highly practical booklet to help local communities understand the "nine steps" to raise and nurture their own choral groups. As it turns out, there is more to establishing a local choir than "meets the ear"!

The booklet was formerly available for purchase through the publisher, Celestial Navigation. As a public service, the authors have decided to make it available online, at no cost. Copyright remains, however, with Celestial Navigation. Printing a copy entitles the recipient to use it only for study and non-commercial purposes. The authors trust you to give due acknowledgement if you forward, quote, or post the booklet or parts of it.

Download Nine Steps to Raise and Nurture a Community Choir (PDF)

Who are we?

I am Cosma Gottardi, a Bahá'í Choir Enthusiast, who has purchased this domain with the vision of making it into something useful for all Bahá'í Choirs and those that sing Bahá'í Choral music. I also occasionally conduct Bahá'í choirs and other ensembles and write music. Visit my website

What is the Bahá'í Faith?

Picture of a Bahá'í ChoirThe Bahá'í Faith is a world religion whose aim it is to unite all the peoples of the world in a peaceful way. Read more about the Bahá'í faith on the official website, or the Encyclopedia Brittanica.